Scotty Eaton's Fit Aitken S3

Anybody can hit a streak of bad luck, you know, sometimes you just have to put your head down and troop through it. Depending on the situation, that shit easier said than done sometimes. But whatever, Scotty's boys and Animal (same thing) came together and built up this ride for him, and it looks like they all had some pretty decent parts laying around. FYI peep his section on Don't Quit Your Day Job 2, if you didn't know...



pedals- Animal Hamilton


seat- Animal Strip
post- *prototype*Animal wedge Pivotal
clamp- nope
F rim- Primo Hula Hoop
R rim- Primo Balance 7000
F hub- PrimoPro 3/8
R hub- Primo Mix Cassette 9t    
frame- Fit S3 Aitken, 20.5 F tire- Animal GLH-R Kevlar 2.10  

fork-  S&M Pitch XLT R tire- Animal GLH-R Kevlar 2.10
bars- Animal Piff HS/BB- FSA Impact int./WTP?
grips/barends- *prototype*Animal plastic chain- not sure
stem- Animal Jumpoff pegs- 4 Animal lites
cranks- We The People 175 brakes- nope
sprocket- Animal Sprocky Balboa 25t lever/cable- nope
  mods- seat-tube cut down