Ralph Sinisi's FBM Stairmaster

Definitely one of the coolest dudes I know  in or out of BMX. And Animal Bikes makes you proud to be from Jersey, because they rep NJ to the fullest.
So this is the street master setup right? Four pegs, no brakes, pretty light, black paint.  Feels like you can hop through the roof on it, steers quick, feels solid. I might have to go FBM next time.



pedals- Animal Hamitlon



seat- Animal Strip
post- Animal Stubby
clamp- Animal
F rim- Odyssey Hazard Lite
R rim- Odyssey Hazard Lite
F hub- Madera
R hub- Madera V2    
frame- FBM Stairmaster 21" F tire- *Prototype*GLH-R 2.25 kevlar  

fork-  FBM R tire- Animal GLH 2.10
bars- Animal Bob Lites HS/BB- FBM/Madera
grips/barends- Animal Edwin, Animal chain- KMC
stem- Animal Jumpoff pegs- 4 Animal OG
cranks- Madera Protocol 175 brakes- Nope
sprocket- Animal SprockyBalboa lever/cable- Nope
  mods- Old school foam donuts on grips