Paul R's Fit Hawk

Paul is one of the low-key dudes that makes sure you get your stuff correctly. His Fit is correct too. Integrated clamp, flat blue paint, not like everything else. Like the TI finish 7000 front rim. And this will be the year of the fat-ass front tire and plastic pedals, mark my words.


pedals- Odyssey Twisted Plastic



seat- Animal Strip
post- Animal Stubby
clamp- Integrated
F rim- Primo Balance 7005
R rim- Eastern
F hub- Profile Mini
R hub- Eastern Casst 9t    
frame- FIt Chase Hawk 20.75 F tire- *Prototype*Animal GLH-R 2.25  

fork-  Sunday R tire-  Animal GLH 2.10
bars- Sunday Triumph HS/BB- FSA/Profile
grips/barends- Animal Edwin/Animal chain- KHE Collapse
stem- Animal Jumpoff pegs- One, sawed off
cranks- Profile Race brakes- Nope
sprocket- Animal Sprocky Balboa 25t lever/cable- Nope
  mods- Bars cut, front peg hacked to 2 "