Mike Osso's S&M L.T.F.

McLovin's blowing up man, first the road trip vid, magazine ads, bunch of interviews, DQYDJ2, yeah something's going on. Don't catch feelings if he pulls something you've been killing yourself on with about zero effort. Luckily he's Mr. Modesty. McLovin' even scored an S&M flow deal somehow. Go Figure. I suppose it could have something to do with his riding. Anyway, this is Osso's military style S&M LTF, combat ready.



pedals- Animal Hamilton


seat- original *prototype* Animal Strip
post- Animal stubby
clamp- Animal
F rim- Premium lite
R rim- Odyssey 7K
F hub- Premium
R hub- We The People Supreme    
frame- S&M Light As Fuck 20.5 F tire- *prototype* Animal GLH-R kevlar  

fork-  Fly Pantera 2 R tire- Animal GLH-R 2.1 kevlar
bars- Animal Bob lite HS/BB- dunno, integrated/Profile
grips/barends- *prototype*Animal plastic chain- KMC K710-SL
stem- Animal Jumpoff pegs- 2 Animal lite
cranks- Profile 175 brakes- Fly bikes CNC
sprocket- Sprocky Balboa 25t lever/cable- Odyssey Monolever/Animal linear
  mods- Cut rear axle down