Omar Elsebai's FBM Autopilot

Omar's bike is the thing that convinced me to do bikechecks. Let me break it down for you. No seatclamp, the seatpost is a prototype Animal wedge, works like an old wedge stem. Prototype Animal plastic barends, and Plastic Odyssey pedals, the bike is silent. Big fat prototype 2.25 GLH-R front tire. House axle and Mini hub, all flushed out. Super Light. Custom white powdercoat. Even built his own wheels.


pedals- Odyssey Twisted Plastic



seat- Animal Strip
post- *Prototype*Animal Wedge
clamp- None
F rim- Primo Balance 7075
R rim- Primo Balance 7075
F hub- Profile Mini
R hub- Profile Mini Cass/House axle    
frame- FBM Autopilot 21" F tire- *Prototype*Animal GLH-R 2.25  

fork-  FBM Chopper R tire- Animal GLH-R 2.10 kevlar
bars- Animal Bob Scerbo lite HS/BB- Eastern/Madera
grips/barends- *Prototype*Animal Plastic chain- Shadow Interlock 2
stem- Animal Jumpoff pegs- Nope
cranks- Madera Protocol, TI Spindle brakes- Nope
sprocket- Animal Sprocky Balboa 25t lever/cable- Nope
  mods- Powdercoated frame, rear house axle, cut down seat tube, prototype stuff.