Marlo Schultheis' Fly Pantera

Marlo is that guy that you can just call something out and he'll try it full speed, regardless if he's done it before. Official Waste-NJ rider. Always painted black and red, and with something like rope wrapped around some part of it. Not super light and not a fashion bike, this Fly is the bike version of a well-used, bloody chainsaw. ..And he keeps the  seat like that for barspins...



pedals- Animal Hamilton


seat- Odyssey Junior
post- Shadow Cro-mo
clamp- Animal
F rim- Sun BFR,
F hub- Bulletproof hub
R rim- Odyssey Hazard Lite
R hub- Odyssey Hazard Casst.    
frame- Fly Pantera  (2?) 20.6 F tire- Animal GLH 2.1  

fork- S&M Pitchfork R tire- Primo V-Monster 2.1
bars- Haro Slim, cut to 19" (!) HS/BB- FSA, spanish (Fly or Primo?)
grips/barends- Animal Edwin, Fly chain- KMC
stem- Fly pegs- Animal OG front, Haro Fusion rear
cranks- Primo Powerbite 175 brakes- nope
sprocket- Kink 36 lever/cable- nope
  mods- Bars cut to 19". Tribal wrapping on frame. Everything is painted blk/red.