Joe's Terrible One Barcode

OK, everybody knows the old T1 Barcode frame, it's one of those that you either like the looks or you don't. I admit at first I wasn't feeling the seatstay wishbone, but it grows on you. After you ride this frame you have a whole new respect for it, this is possibly the stiffest frame around. It's also hefty, if you're man enough. Nice whip with Snafu, Primo and Premium stuff.



pedals- Odyssey Jim Celienki


seat- Primo
post- Premium Products
clamp- Snafu
F rim- Primo Hula Hoop 48
R rim- Primo Hula Hoop 48
F hub- PrimoPro
R hub- Primo Cassette 13T    
frame- Terrible One Barcode std h/s F tire- Primo Wall 2.1 green  

fork-  S&M Pitchfork 14mm R tire- Primo wall 2.1 blk
bars- Animal original bars HS/BB- FSA Pig standard, Snafu BB
grips/barends- Animal Edwin, one Animal chain- KMC 510
stem- Odyssey classic pegs- Odyssey, Animal
cranks- Sanfu 175 brakes- nope
sprocket- FBM cross 36T lever/cable- nope
  mods- Fly bearing caps on BB.