Jay's 2nd Proper Proclaimer

Yeah I like the Proper frame, it's my second one. This one is newer and has the quicker steering. The stealth bike man, the Blackbird. I'm addicted to the lightness, but I'm not to the point of going for TI everything yet. The FLY cranks rip, no flex and I'm over 200. Black Interlock2, the best. Might go to 8.25 bars, but these match the fork. The GLH-R Tire is LIGHT. Shout to Marty's Reliable for the wheel build. No complaints!


pedals- Animal Edwin Unsealed


seat- Animal Cush Pivotal (custom cover)
post- Animal Pivotal Stump
clamp- Animal
F rim- G-Sport Ribcage 36
R rim- G-Sport Ribcage 36
F hub- Shadow Rant w/guard 36
R hub- Shadow Conspiracy Rant V2 10T    
frame- Proper Proclaimer (2nd gen) 21.2" F tire- Odyssey Aitken P-Lyte 2.25  

fork-  Odyssey Dirt (limited Digicam) R tire- Animal GLH-R Kevlar
bars- Odyssey Civillian Big (limited Digicam) HS/BB- Kink HS, Fly Spanish BB
grips/barends- Animal Edwin/Animal Plastic chain- Shadow Conspiracy Interlock 2
stem- Superstar Elect pegs- 2 Animal OG
cranks- Fly Bikes 180mm brakes- Superstar Sealed bearing
sprocket- Animal Sprocky Balboa 26T lever/cable- Diatech Dirt Harry/Animal
  mods- not yet