Jay's Proper Proclaimer

I have had this bike for a couple years, I like the frame size, being 6'3". It's mellow with a low BB, mellow head angle. Feels planted and stable. The leopard seat is a custom job, waste-nj limited. It's less than 30lbs, I guess. It's got some dents and the chainstays are grinded up. The dropouts, gusset, head tube and BB are heat treated. This one's close to retirement though, I have a lava black one to build up next.


pedals- Primo Magnesium




seat- Mosh Digital (custom)
post- DK Goal
clamp- Coalition
F rim- Sun Big City
R rim- Odyssey Hazard Lite
F hub- Mosh Freedom 14mm
R hub- Odsy Hazard casst 12T    
frame- Proper Proclaimer 21.2 F tire- Fly Ruben 2.125  

fork-  Odyssey 41 Dirt 990 R tire- Animal ASM 2.0
bars- S&M Beringer LT HS/BB- Kink, Primo
grips/barends- Animal Edwin, Animal chain- Shadow Interlock 1
stem- DK Trail pegs- 2 Animal OG, 1 Lite
cranks- Primo Excel brakes- DiaTech Fiesta
sprocket- Animal Lite 31T lever/cable- Poverty, Animal
  mods- Custom tensioner, CUT off back brake studs, gyro tabs, 2" off bars, left rear axle.