Esophegator's Volume Enns

Esoph finally swapped out the rhythm frame for this Jason Enns "Ends" frame.This thing has the quick steering (75deg) and super short rear end, which makes this long frame so easy to spin and toss around it's crazy. Season fork is hotness with laser etching through the paint. Sleek Animal wedge post and PC Hamiltons, super smooth. Custom front wheel, but the green theme can't be stopped. And his shit is still quiet, not like mine.


pedals- Animal Hamilton PC

seat- Animal Cush (custom Waste cover)
post- Animal Pivotal Wedge
clamp- Nah
F rim- Shadow Rota 36
R rim- Odyssey Hazard Lite 36
F hub- DK Alpha 36
R hub- Odyssey V3 cassette 36    
frame- Volume Jason Enns, 21.25" F tire- Animal GLH-R Kevlar  2.25  
fork-  Season R tire- Animal GLH-R Kevlar 2.1
bars- S&M Slam XLT HS/BB- WTP HS, Shadow Mid BB
grips/barends- Hoffman/Animal Plastic chain- Shadow Conspiracy Interlock 2
stem- Animal Jumpoff pegs- 2 Animal OG
cranks- Odyssey Wombolt 180mm brakes- Eclat
sprocket- Animal Sprocky Balboa 27T lever/cable- Sanfu/Shadow
  mods- bars cut to 27"