Espohegator's Hoffman Rhythm

It used to be the Piff bike, everything was green. It's gone through a couple custom paint jobs. Narrow bars to big bars. Brakes to no brakes. This thing is big and bad, no flex and feels huge at first. Espohegator is 6'5" so what did you think?


pedals- Hoffman Solemate



seat- Animal Cush custom cover
post- Animal Pivotal
clamp- Animal
F rim- Sun BigCity, 48
R rim- Alex Supra J, 48
F hub- DK, 48 sealed
R hub- ?Flip w/13T FW 48 sealed    
frame- Hoffman Rhythm 21.25 F tire- Primo Rimjob 1.95  



fork-  Hand me down, who knows R tire- Maxxis Hookworm 1.95
bars- S&M Slam XLT HS/BB- Kink, generic Spanish
grips/barends- Demolition bomb, Animal chain- Shadow Interlock2
stem- Animal Jumpoff pegs- Animal OG
cranks- Demolition Aluminum brakes- Nope
sprocket- Animal Lite 33T lever/cable- Nope
  mods- bars cut to about 26", fork cut, custom paint on everything. Right dropout grinded down.