Darin Schultheis' Macneil Young

This bike looks out of place in the middle of the winter, it's like the Vice City bike. Pretty damn light, but not overkill. New school mixed with old school. An 80's music fanatic on a new school 80's colored ride. Darin is the Official Waste-NJ manual master. Oh, and the pink tires wore out...


pedals- Animal Hamilton


seat- Animal Cush pivotal
post- Animal Stubby pivotal
clamp- DK
F rim- Some Haro 48
R rim- Sun Big City 48
F hub- Haro
R hub- Odyssey Hazard Casst. 10T    
frame- Macneil Young 20.5 F tire- Animal GLH 2.1  

fork-  S&M Pitchfork R tire- Animal ASM 2.1
bars- S&M Medium Bars HS/BB- Fly, Stolen
grips/barends- Primo, Animal chain- 2 different KMC's
stem- Original S&M Redneck pegs- Animal OG front , WTP rear
cranks- Stolen 175mm brakes- not right now
sprocket- S&M Tuffman 30T lever/cable- not right now
  mods- Little Star  crossbar pad, pink