Totowa NJ (Bitch wallrides)


I used to work off Riverview Drive in Wayne NJ, and I would pass this spot every day. It's one of those double-take things you see from the corner of your eye when you're at the light waiting.  {Bitch} warehouse wallrides, self explanatory.

{Bitch}  is a building surrounded on 3 sides by some pretty steep, kind of rough banks to wall. The rear wall seems to be the best one, and the one with the best run-up. There's 2 windows on that one with window ledges to mess around with. Hitting this bank right takes a little effort.

 It's unlikely you will be hassled at this spot, although they do like to send bitchy emails.. which is why you see this -> {Bitch}, instead of the real name, and why this spot is now called the "Bitchy wallride". If you cross Riverview and look around the industrial area there you'll find some more banks and ledges. Low rating on the bust meter.


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