Springfield NJ


Esopheator spotted this section working, he's on the road all the time and he sees all types of shit around Jersey. So we drove down Morris Ave to Springfield and looked around.  In a small area we found some dope spots, namely 500 Morris Ave and behind the corner of Morris and Center St. Good banks to fence, corners, a tree ride and some good ledges, plus a good long bank to low wall, like a sub setup that gets higher at one end.

But Springfield is a sketchy place, cops are always hawking and the residents are on the paranoid side. See, Springfield is stuck in between Summit (super rich, exclusive) and Hillside (more or less straight hood), so it feels like there's an identity crisis going on there, people are in this kind of paranoid mindstate. Now I'm not just talking shit, I had a little altercation there on our trip, but let's just say a couple of somewhat grimy looking cats riding around on bikes looking all around, hunting for spots, can put some people on lookout.  Springfield scores a yellow on the Bust-Meter.


Video soon...






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