Parsippany NJ (kindergarten club)


Yeah man, the secret spot. Well, not secret if you can find it. Sometime last year, I started thinking about this spot in Parsippany, this vacant lot behind a big apartment complex that we used to chill and drink at way back in the day. It's named what it is because of the underage girls that used to try and hang around back then... But since then the whole lot got completely covered with garbage, overgrown with weeds, dirt and mud from the rain runoff, and piles of broken glass everywhere. Supers dump all their crap up there. Un ride-able.

So in the summer of '06 we decided to go to work, and lemme tell you it pays to have a landscaper or two in your riding crew. After four 95 degree days of cutting trees, pulling weeds, sweeping glass and dust, (we even had a leaf-blower to blow away all the dirt, the people in the big pool next door weren't happy) we had a decent spot that 10 people could ride at once..


So what we ended up with is a big vacant lot with a 2 - 2 1/2' bank to ledge/low wall running along one whole side, and a bigger bank off to one side that descends down to a ratty tennis/b-ball court through a hole in the fence. So you can blast through the B-Ball court, hit the bank going up, and then go right and hit the other stuff, it made for some interesting lines. We built a deck on top  of part of the wall, and topped the another part of the wall with plastic wood planks (grinds fast) and metal. We searched around all the dumpsters in the area and found an 8'x8'X12" high platform box, I put it on my pegs and rolled it up there. Everything was done, we were enjoying having a good undercover spot, for a while...

Let's just say that this is a high maintenance spot. We'd need to sweep every time we went (kids still party there), any time it rained we'd have more mud and glass to deal with, and they started dumping dead trees up there. It's a mess again, but summer's coming up. If you need a spot, and no one else can help, and if you can find it, maybe you can ride-The Kindergarten Club..





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