Newark NJ (Frelinghuysen)


Esophegator gets the credit for finding this spot. He had seen it while working, so we took a trip down to Elizabeth and Newark to look for new stuff. After hitting up Elizabeth (Sorry, no pics, maybe later on) we went up past the airport and eventually found this bank to wall on Frelinghuysen Ave. The pics say it all, this is a nice sized bank, and the wall is leaned back under vert. With a little wood scrap you can get moving up the wall pretty good. Without it, you need to be a little more tactical. Don't even worry about getting busted by cops, be advised that this is straight hood. I can't tell ya how to find it, but it's under a freight train bridge which crosses Frelinghuysen.

The only bad part is that you either cut 90 degrees from the sidewalk, or hop the curb and the hit the bank real quick. Whatever. I sent the flicks to Ralph and Shane @ Animal, and Shane said it was Frelinghuysen Ave, I didn't know the street name for shit. They know every fucking spot in Jersey I swear, thanks Shane.


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