Millburn, NJ (Multiple Spots)


MILLBURN BANKS::     The Millburn banks are located on Myrtle Ave, Millburn, NJ. You will pull up to the school on myrtle ave and if you look towards the school, you will find a drive way that looks more like a little street that leads to basketball courts and a big open field. The b-ball courts are the banks. It seems like the builders got lazy and just decided to pave over a hill instead of completely leveling the court. Now we have some really nice banks, some steep some low. Some of the banks reach to about 6 feet. There is also a nice berm in the corner of the banks, and there is a curved wall in the middle of a part of the banks. This spot is super low-key and nobody ever bothers you there, most people are amazed when you pull a fakie or a 180, so its all good with the locals.


MILLBURN COMMONS::     The Millburn commons are located on Millburn Ave in Millburn, NJ 07041. This is a super cool spot, tons of ledges, wallrides, stairs and gaps and some nice little curb like kickers. This place is a blast to ride pegs or no pegs. The wallrides are sweet, they even have 2 rails on the walls at about knee height. Thereís probably a total of 10 or so ledges. A plus there is you can grind on either side of the ledges so if your pegs are on the other side its still all good! Also all the ledges are totally waxed out!

     The only problem is you cant go to this spot during the week or else all the crazy business owners will get mad and curse you out or call the cops, and the cops in Millburn arenít the greatest; you definitely donít wanna mess with them. During the weekend the spot is all yours and pretty much worry free!

Photos / Text: Nick DiChiaro, slightly edited..




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