Hoboken NJ (park)


The funniest thing about this story is that before we even knew there was this little skatepark in Hoboken, we were tearing up the marble ledges in the pier park about 100 yards down the street, grinding the skate stoppers off the ledges. They are really some of the best ledges around, but people in the park catch feelings about it when they see you. I found out why when we went to leave, when I  saw the little skatepark right on the water.

Now don't get it twisted, bikes are banned from the park. Ah, I know what you're thinking, "why the hell are they doing a spot page on a skatepark?" Well that's a good question, but I suppose even health nuts eat McDonalds once in a while. We would usually stop and mess around in the park and warm up before going down to the train station to go to NYC. Anyway, even when the park was locked there's a gaping hole in the fence to get in. Mostly it's younger kids, but I met a few good local riders there. Never seen anybody with a helmet except when there was a "monitor" from the city there. Yeah....

The layout is pretty good, designed by one of the corporate ramp builder companies. Big roll-ins on both sides, one with a full size quarter and one in the middle with another quarter against the back of a big mini half. Now the mini is fun, but the flat isn't much, so it can get hectic. There's also a couple islands with grind boxes and a low rail.


The last time I was there I was messing around with rail rides, and had one of those spaz falls, resulting in a badly  bruised (maybe broken) rib. After I was finally able to stand up,  stretch my arms over the fence and try to get some air into my lungs, I realized the best thing about the park... The NYC skyline view. The park is right up against the Hudson. 




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