Garfield, NJ


Represent! Me and my brother lived in Garfield for a bunch of years and these are the 2 best spots there. Hop is the first spot I met local riders at, some cool younger kids that are just tech. Hop is a bunch of big banks with steel I-beam rails on top, and a smooth bank pocket/corner that's almost 5 feet high. There's a manual pad and about a jillion pallets for you creative types. Cats come down there to do burnouts and donuts, nobody cares.

Gotham is another industrial park on the other end of Garfield. There's a lot of nibbles there, one of my favorite spots is this downward angle iron ledge. There also a bunch of gate rides,  angle iron  curb ledge and some random dock stuff. Sometimes rent-a-cops, sometimes not. Outside Gotham you got the Ghetto Bowl, a drainage overflow ditch, which you can ride like 2 weeks a year in the summer. Hot shit.