Boonton NJ (falls wall)


The locals say this spot has been here forever. This is a big playground and B ball courts, with a big grass hill on the right, going up to an under vert wall with a couple angles/little corners to it. (Well, at least there was grass..) When we got there it had a nice narrowish dirt quarter to wall, and a old school dirt cut up to the wall on an angle.

It was a little sketchy but the wasteland crew went to work with the shovels, and when the dust settled there was a new cut up to a corner, and the other 2 hits were like dirt pavement. DPW guy was even happy that they had gotten rid of the rocks, so he could still mow the grass "parts", heh heh. But nah, you can carve some monster height off the cuts and bust airs out of the quarter. Good shit.

This is a primo summertime spot under the shade of the trees, and hint, next to a waterfall and some date movie scenery. The Proper's getting dusty on some dirt shit! Low risk, boom box spot.


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