Woodridge NJ (Appleseed)


I don't remember how I found this place, but it was by accident, and it's probably my favorite place to take flicks. Border of Woodridge NJ. I think only a rider would go in on purpose, maybe somebody from Weird NJ. It got the name "Appleseed" after the japanime flick, it looks like an apocalyptic warzone. If there ever was a place that deserved the name "Wasteland", this is it. Half the place is a ghost town.

Ride around the spot and you're going to find wallrides, ditches and bowls, rails, and the I-beam ledge. The place is surreal, especially the abandoned missile factory right in the middle. Darin and Esophegator found some haz-mat suits and rode around with them on for the camera. Case the entrances first: Don't go thru the front gate past the guard, look for another entrance. 98% of the place is well out of the guard's view. Esoph almost got run over by security once here, but he could be partly responsible for that one. Avoid the front gate and you can ride all day here.  Peep the media...







spy shots