E.Hanover-ish NJ (Algonquin Pkwy)


I don't remember the first time we rode at Algonquin, but I was on a GT Pro Performer. Some of the older heads had driven us to the spot, without a car we were always amped just to be somewhere different. After that, we would ride the 5 or so miles to the spot and hope we were fresh enough to actually ride when we got there. Far from a secret spot but still out of riding range for most, so it stays pretty low key and the heat is minimal here.

Algonquin Parkway is a wanna-be highway that runs through this industrial/commercial park off Rt.10 between Parsippany and E.Hanover. It's nothing that jumps out at you, but if you've got the eagle eye you'll spot the big banks from the road. You need to park the car and ride around to see what this spot is about, really it's a bunch of spots all in one area. This is a good place to work on your bank game.


The two best areas are the big double-sided triangle bank to fence that goes from nothing to about 41/2 feet high. The fence isn't that high but also isn't that strong. Back in the day, there was no fence and we hit it like a big tabletop. Still plenty you can do with it.

The other standout part is the double sided pocket bank, which is a tight pocket corner about 3/12 feet high, with a higher, freshly paved steep asphalt bank on the other side. Space in front of that steep bank is limited, you've gotta use your brain but it's got some good potential.

Besides that there's a ton of loading dock bank stuff, door wedge ramps for gap wallrides, a few painted walls/ledges and that kind of thing. Not technically on Algonquin but just around the corner off Rt.10 is another big ledge spot, two concrete rail-height ledges waxed down hard and going down a loooong ramp, no stairs. Across from that there's a shopping plaza with curved waxed ledges, pretty high. Cops over there though.





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