Jerzey City NJ (Pyramids)



If you saw the excellent Red Bull Mean Streets 1 vid, you saw team Jersey hold it down at this spot. Located in scenic Jersey City, the Pyramids spot is actually a kid's playground park. The pyramids are these two big cement Egyptian style obstacles, one taller than the other, and the place also has a big pavilion with an angled basement door on one side and big steps. Yes, the one Scerbo was killing.

All around the park there are cement ledges and block benches everywhere, different heights from low to medium. Pretty much all of them are waxed down hard. If you want to keep it low key you can find a corner of the park and just get your grind on.                                                                    

One thing you need to watch out for is about  a million little kids everywhere, especially on the Pyramids, which are now inside the fenced-in playground. All I can say is that all the momma birds were hawking us anytime we hit them up. We went on a weekend in the day, but night is probably better, although I don't know if it's lit at night though. This is a unique spot, bust risk was pretty low but you never know, everybody has a cell.


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