B'klyn Banks & Chinatown (NY)


My first trip to the banks was probably like '91, 2-Hip had a Meet the Street Jam there the week before. I just remember the filthiness of the place then, just piss and shit on the ground from bums, the rain would wash it all down the hill. That didn't matter though, the place was still nuts... Know what? It's even iller now. So basically it's one long, high, slightly downhill bank with bridge columns coming up out of it, a couple staircases/rails, etc. The surface is tile. In '91 it was an illegal spot, now it's legit and there's some more stuff there, boxes and ramps that kinda come and go, plywood on the steps, a little flat rail. It's the unofficial-official Animal spot, you know they have the jam here at the end of the summer. All you need to know to get there is that it's under the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side.

Mike Osso put us up on the Chinatown spots, and gave us the tour down Water St and around that section. The banks is straight but the other spots are a bust if you hang around. It's Deja-Vu, all these spots are in a hundred videos...




               OLD VIDEO              Animal Jam 07 Bklyn Banks




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